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Nsr250 Mc21 Pgm3 Rubber Grommet

STL and 3MF files for 3D printing the Pgm-III rubber grommets. You can download the files in the below link :

Nsr250 Mc21 Pgm3 Rubber Grommet -


This is the “GR2” rubber grommet that along with a metal bushing and a screw, keeps the PGM-III unit in place. 

A suitable material for the application is TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), a flexible filament with excellent vibration-damping properties, high toughness and chemical resistance. The grommet will be a little bit stiffer than the OEM part, so if you wish you can use TPE filament instead. 

Please, tune your printer with the below settings for optimal results : 

Plater : 

Print Settings : 0.15mm Quality

Filament : SainSmart TPU

Supports : Everywhere 

Infill : 10% 

Layers and Perimeters : 

Perimeters : 1 

Solid layers, Top & Bottom : 5 & 4 

Infill : 

Top and Bottom fill pattern : Concentric


It is also possible to print the grommet on its side with a small portion chopped off, as to provide a flat print surface and NO supports. 

TPU will stick extremely well to the PEI sheet, do NOT omit to use kapton tape or glue stick on the surface.

Have fun